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The Smartworking Company

With the power of digital and social media at their fingertips, clients and prospects have never been so well informed...

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The Smartworking Company®,
social media training for multinational companies and their managers.

We train managers with our signature blended learning package (face to face + remote learning via digital tools). Our agile and scalable learning solution helps managers integrate social media into their everyday work practices and get sustainable business results.

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Social Selling

Create an outreach plan on social media to help stay in touch with your business ecosystem… Use social networks to prospect, generate leads and engagement and remain visible on client and prospect radar…

Digital HR

Improve and promote corporate employer brand presence on social media. Craft digital friendly job ads, build digital presence to attract and retain top candidates. Reach out to candidates and other members of the HR ecosystem…

Digital manager

Improve digital tool and social media comfort zone. Gain operational business understanding of social media and how it can impact job performance. Build an effective social media profile and everyday action plan, while keeping an eye on the market, sector, competitors, etc…

Train the trainer

Improve and promote corporate employer brand presence on social media… Craft digital friendly job ads, build digital presence to attract and retain top candidates… Reach out to candidates and other members of the HR ecosystem… Fill talent pipeline by using job boards, social networks, and other digital HR tools for recruiting and sourcing, while tracking ROI and KPI’s…

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EDF Leyton United BNP Paribas Bouygues Telecom Kaufman & Broad Mac Donalds Microsoft Nexter Office Depot Lufthansa Aubret RATP Stanley / Black & Decker Stanley Security Comexposium

Business cases

What they’re saying about us

“Digital skills are of the utmost importance for HR teams. The Smartworking® Digital HR training has allowed us to manage recruitment on our own, so that we no longer need to work with outside headhunters. This new digital activity has not only reduced costs dramatically, but has brought new skills and motivation to my HR team.”
Jérémie Pieri
Director of Human Resources, Stanley Security France
“The Smartworking® Digital HR training was a real “eye opener” for what’s happening in the digital world and how we need to be aware but also look to use the advantages this can bring to HR…”
Director of Human Resources, Stanley Engineered Fastening Europe
“My team and I worked with Smartworking® for a Social Selling training. This training gave us the necessary methods, tips, and techniques on LinkedIn in order to improve our visibility and ability to reach out to our clients and business ecosystem. Following this training, we signed a few new contracts and are now able to use LinkedIn to effectively stay in touch with our business contacts.”
International Tax Expert - General Manager, Elitax

Our signature methods

Smartworking® proposes a variety of agile and scaleable training formats which are also available with Certifications: remote training via digital tools, blended learning (our signature blend of remote training mixed with face to face training), and face to face training.
With our rich experience (over 3000 managers trained), Smartworking® has created training paths which are in line with your business reality, digital strategy, and external/internal digital transformation. Our training paths include on boarding and integration methods, digital maturity assessments, and ROI and KPI identification and measurement, while producing measurable and sustainable results.

Some features of our signature methods include:

  • Tailored and relevant content and programs based on client needs
  • Learning by doing: 75% of the training path is spent working directly on social network profiles and functions
  • Face to face and remote training via digital tools (collaborative platform, Webinars, live and recorded videos, interactive content, visual training content, surveys, quizzes, skillchecks, etc)
  • In line with corporate training budget rules (remote learning tools with learner activity measurement functions and digital presence analytics and metrics)
  • Multiple group and location capacity
  • All digital technical levels and comfort zones welcome
  • In French and English
  • On the job training while learners are at their desks in their offices
  • Packaged, scaleable, and digital method.
No matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or Advanced social media user and no matter what your comfort zone is, Smartworking® training is for you! As social media and digital skills concern all corporate teams, Smartworking® training is for everyone (management, Directors, Senior, middle, and junior Managers, etc) working in any sector and any department (marketing, sales, HR, communication, legal, training, finance, IT, Purchasing, Innovation, etc)…

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Our Blended learning training paths include on and offline training, working along with learners while they’re in their office. A typical blended learning path can last about 2 to 4 weeks with 10 to 20 training hours. All training paths and programs are tailor-made according to client needs.

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All training paths and programs are tailor-made according to client needs, so prices vary. Our training solutions are in line with corporate training budget rules.

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Our team

Our Consultants and Trainers are all experts in their field: sales, digital transformation in banking/finance/insurance, retail/franchise networks, customer experience, social media, human resources, E-marketing, digital learning, training design, digital tools, etc.

With a rich digital background and years of experience, our team truly understands how digital impacts your business. Working with us will help your teams quickly get up to speed and obtain sustainable results.

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