Back to the future

LinkedIn: Before and now

As Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown predicted, technology has evolved…

And so has LinkedIn!

5 years ago, many still considered LinkedIn as just a job hunting tool. The minute they started thinking about changing jobs, they thought, “Oh man, I better get my LinkedIn profile in gear!” Well, times have changed.

Not only have many LinkedIn technical features evolved, so has the way we approach LinkedIn and use it as a business tool! Whether you’re in HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, etc, being present and active on LinkedIn is  beneficial for you and your job performance! Here are 3 features which have changed over the last 5 years that help your profile go from CV to business tool…

  • More fine-tuned algorithms means that LinkedIn can provide improved assistance. The more you strategically use LinkedIn and “train” your algorithms, the more Linked will help you to achieve your business goals. For example, LinkedIn will:
    -Let you know when your profile needs more information, helping you to boost visibility.
    -Suggest contacts who could help you with a project.
    -Recommend articles and Influencers on Pulse or groups and companies to follow, all of which could improve your business intelligence, provide new inspiration, and meet key members of your sector!

  • More and better metrics! LinkedIn dashboards are better than ever before, giving us more detailed information about who has viewed our profile, how we rank, and how we can do better… So when the boss asks about the ROI, with these new dashboards, you’ll be able to give concrete answers!



  • More sharing! Thanks to all the cool gadgets in the Summary and Experience sections of your profile, you can now turn your profile into an interactive business tool! By adding examples of your projects, company websites, social media sites, videos, etc,  you can inform your visitors and  provide value to your ecosystem, boost visibility, and open doors!

And what about the future?*

Back to the future


1. Connect LinkedIn and Google glass: you’re at a conference, you look at someone. In the corner of your Google glass, their profile pops up. You quickly dictate a personalized message and, bam, they receive it and, two seconds later, the two of you meet!

2. Facial recognition on your LinkedIn mobile app: you go to a tradeshow, you want to know who is in front of you. You take a picture of the person, pop it into the “Search” function, and bam, the person’s profile comes up!

3. More metrics, metrics, metrics!
Please LinkedIn, let us see who is viewing our shares!

So, if you still think LinkedIn is just for job hunting, please step into Doc Brown’s DeLorean and visit us in 2015 🙂

For more information on how to get your teams’ LinkedIn and digital skills up to speed!

*Please note these are not real LinkedIn functions, we just had some fun thinking of new LinkedIn gadgets that we’d like to see one day! 🙂

Digital Recruiter Certification and Digital HR Training

Client and challenge

The European Stanley Black & Decker HR team added Digital HR to corporate HR core skills program.

Solution: 100% distance blended learning

  • virtual classroom
  • collaborative platform
  • learning by doing
  • social learning


Stanley Black et Decker

1 recruitment
app. 3k saved
360 sourced

“As an experienced LinkedIn HR licensee, the Digital Recruiter certification gave me advanced LinkedIn and Twitter techniques. Smartworking® certainly knows their stuff!”
HR Project Manager - Stanley Black & Decker



Introducing Social Selling to 300 sales reps

Client and challenge

A multinational supply retail company with headquarters in the US had already recognized the importance of social media and organized a social media training program for their sales reps. The France office followed suite, also acknowledging the skill and financial value of training 300 large & medium accounts sales people to use LinkedIn.

Solution: Social Selling onboarding

  • live dynamic presentation
  • series of short videos with quizzes and tracking

Leading American office supply retailing multinational


 100 new profiles
100 improved profiles
“The Smartworking® video training has provided concrete methods guiding me in creating my Social Selling profile…”
Sales rep

“ I have finally understood how to use LinkedIn as a social sales tool in my everyday professional practices…”
Sales rep
“The Smartworking® Social Selling videos have shed light on areas which were unclear to me and have given me assistance on how use LinkedIn as a sales tool without hard selling”
Sales rep

businessman using smartphone and laptop

Introducing digital

Client and challenge

Having included digital in their offer, APEC, a French privatized association providing career services to managers, SME’s, and multinationals, is providing digital guidance to their employees in order to support clients, brand presence, and strategy.


Blended learning digital learning program



+ page views/day
+25 brand ambassadors
Internal digital transformation influence
 ”The Smartworking® training really helped my social media usage to take off. I particularly appeciated the blended learning method and the exercises I had to do on my own work time.

Smartworking® helped me to understand how to get digital into my busy work space by not just giving me key methods and the time to practice and digest at my own pace, but also really motivated me to make digital an inherent part of my daily HR life! ”.

Recruitment and Mobility Manager

Social Selling

Client and challenge

After having included digital transformation in their consulting services for the banking/finance sectors, Senior Consultants at Kurt Salmon needed to boost their own digital skills in order to be line with their offer and ecosystem.

Solution : Blended learning

A mix of distance via virtual classroom and face to face training – LinkedIn and


10 brand ambassadors
+ 20% leads
+ 35% deals impacted
+ 20% opportunities
+ 100% contacts
 “Smartworking® training helped our team to diversify our business strategy, identify social media as a real business tool and include it in everyday practices.
The Smartworking® methodology, a mix of face to face and remote training with interactive exercises, is flexible and suited our schedules. It allowed us to become effective and operational quickly”.
Aurélie Brugère
Senior Consultant