Welcome to reality

Social media training: 3 realistic KPI’s*

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Directors and business leaders: You’ve finally convinced management to provide digital training for your teams and, as in usual management style, they’ve set the bar high… So now you’re probably wondering what can you concretely expect when providing your managers with digital training?

Welcome to reality

First of all, it’s important to remember to have realistic objectives! Yes, digital transformation is strategic for all companies and businesses, but it doesn’t come without a few bumps in the road and certainly doesn’t happen as quickly as management would like it to happen!

We can safely say that digital training KPI’s will definitely depend on which managers are getting trained, their role, their digital needs, company digital strategy, your clients and their needs…

So, will digital training magically transform the company? No, probably not. Will digital training push revenues through the roof? No, probably not. Here is what you can realistically expect from digital training!

KPI 1: At least 50% onboarding of your staff

By training your employees on digital, you’re fulfilling your employer duties of providing them with knowledge that they need to keep their skills updated.

Checkpoint 1: Yes, you’re providing them with important skills they need for their career, and they should definitely be thanking you for it. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will see things the same way you do! Some of your employees will go along with it and agree to use social media on a daily basis in their jobs, be brand ambassadors. This will depend on how its presented to them, the company strategy and objectives, their incentives, plus a myriad of other things such as age gap, company seniority, etc.

KPI 2: 30%-100% increase in brand visibility

By asking employees to be brand advocates, or brand ambassadors, they will most likely “dress up” their social media profiles with your company branding. This means they’ll be driving traffic from their profiles to your corporate Web sites, social media company pages… which will automatically result in an increase of visibility! Plus, every view of your employees’ profiles will mean an infinite amount of brand visibility!
LinkedIn train

Get on board the digital train!

Checkpoint 2: Getting your staff to agree to wearing your brand involves strategy, on boarding, clear guidelines, and just plain common sense! Not all of them will agree to this! But those who do and do it right, will not only be on boarded, but they’ll be massively contributing to a positive online brand image. They will also be helping other employees to board the digital train! 😉


KPI 3: 5%-100% increase in savings

So by now you’re probably saying, “Ok, onboarding and visibility are great, but management is putting pressure on me to convert these digital results into revenue! So how do I do this?”

You’ll definitely reduce budgets that were previously allocated to marketing, headhunters, customer retention programs, after sales service, new business development…. So you should first start calculating these savings to keep your management happy!

Checkpoint 3: Finally, measuring revenue brought in by social media is indeed possible and highly recommended if you want to measure the ROI. So, yes, there is a method to this madness! But, again, knowing what you want to measure and how to measure monetary ROI depends on your business, corporate strategy, sales objectives, client base, etc.

*Key Performance Indicators: We measured these KPI statistics through the Smartworking® Digital Maturity Evaluation, which has already been taken by approximately 1000 managers working at 40 multi-sector multinationals in 5 countries.

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