Managers: How much time should you and your teams be devoting to social media?


Has this happened to you recently?

  • You receive several LinkedIn invitations per day (not to mention their reminder emails!)
  • You see more and more social media activity from your partners, industry influencers, competitors, etc.
  • Management is telling you that you should be spending time on social media every day!

But, wait, hello? Maybe you haven’t even received any company guidelines or training and you definitely haven’t been told how much time you and your teams should be devoting to these activities! And not to mention the fact that you’re so swamped as it is, how could you possibly even consider adding social media into the mix?!

Don’t worry, there is definitely a method to this madness! 🙂  It’s all about using social media to enhance your everyday business activities and help you stay aware of what’s going on in your sector. It’s not about letting it control your everyday business doings*!

So, how much time should you be spending everyday on digital?
Depending of course on your professional objectives (please see below), if you and your teams would like to stay on top of industry news and contribute to corporate visibility, a good 15 minutes per day would be recommended.

But now you’re probably wondering what you should be doing during those 15 minutes?  Here is a little CAR to help get you driving on the right path!

digital car

Check the 4 C’s: what’s happening within your company, community, competitors, and clients?

Action: 1 action per day that will help you to stay visible (1 like, share, invitation, etc)

Relevance: something relevant as per your objectives, job, industry, company strategy, etc.

Now you’re thinking, great, I have a method, but how to squeeze in 15 minutes into your already jam packed schedule?! There are many ways you can do this. You can spread it out (5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes at lunch, and 5 minutes before heading out). You can do it first thing in the morning and get it out of the way quickly, or you can add it in to your lunch hour! Either way, remember, you don’t have to become a digital dynamo! You’re just trying NOT to become a digital dinosaur!

*If you’re using social media for very specific digitals tasks which are an important part of your job, then a daily routine of 15 minutes per day would not be appropriate. For example, a digital marketing/communication professional driving company brand visibility, a Sales person who is generating leads through Social Selling, a Project Manager managing a community of practice, or an HR professional filling their talent pipeline and creating digital awareness around the company employer brand – these are all targeted digital uses which would require at least one hour per day.

For more information on how you and your teams should be integrating social media into your everyday activities.