Business leaders: 3 steps to successful summer social media projects

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While many of your colleagues and clients are off on vacation or on ‘’summer mode », those in the office are thinking about using this calmer time productively in order to prepare for the rest of the year, complete unfinished projects, and get ahead on others.
Amongst the items on your unfinished and/or get ahead list, you might find social media.

social media summer

Summer is the perfect time to work on your social media projects. As many people are off enjoying  digital detox, they’ll be checking in much less or even not at all. So why not take advantage of this slow down and buff up your social media profiles and strategy.
You’re probably thinking, « ok, good idea, but where do I start? »

Here are 3 major areas that you can start working on!

1/ Clean up !
When was the last time you had a look at your :

– invitations list : just take a quick look at each person’s profile- are they of interest to you? Have you understood the synergy you might have with them? Have you worked with them? If you decide not to accept, then don’t worry, they won’t receive an alert about this!

Remember, now is a great time to clean up your invitations list. Once the fall comes, it will quickly fill up again and you might risk losing that all important invitation because it will be swamped by the ones you should have cleaned out!

– connections list on LinkedIn and/or your following list on Twitter? Your company strategy might have changed or been slightly refreshed since the last time you worked on these things. So why not think about your strategy, objectives, partners, clients, etc for the upcoming months and :

  • adjust accordingly (no, people on LinkedIn and Twitter will not receive a notification that you have removed them !)
  • reach out to those you haven’t been in touch with for a long time (while you may not get an answer right away, some people do stay in touch over the summer months, so you might just be surprised !)

2/ Plan ahead!
plan ahead
When was the last time you had a look at your summary on LinkedIn and/or your bio on Twitter? And what about your editorial strategy? Have you thought about the upcoming events and messages you’d like to communicate?


  • if your company doesn’t have a social media strategy and specific guidelines to follow, then have a look at your company website, LinkedIn corporate page or Twitter account. These pages are great  places to check for content and message inspiration for your  own profile.
  • coming back to your strategy, clients, prospects, market, sector, etc.  Do your social media profiles reflect your upcoming strategy for the fall? Think about how you can tweak them in order to send out the right messages! Or, even better, have a chat with your sales, marketing, digital, and/or communications teams (see below).

3/ Team up!
Social media success is attained through collaboration. You can increase the linkage from your profile to company presence via content, strategy, links, contacts, etc. By doing this, you’ll not only get a digital boost from your colleagues, which will bring you more visibility, but it will also help you to achieve your performance goals…. So how can you infuse more collaboration into your social media profiles?

  • check in with your marketing, communication, and sales teams. What is the social media strategy for the fall? Have they shared it with other departments? Summer is a great time to plan informal coffee meetings with them. People tend to be more relaxed and will be happy to share with you what they’re working on!
  • and what about your own team? When was the last time you had a look at their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles? You might just be surprised to find some early adopters working right alongside you! Have a look at your team’s profiles and activities. They could be a great quick-win business case to show to your management if you’re trying to get ahead in the fall on your social media strategy, digital budget, etc.
  • and, finally, don’t forget to pop in and say hello to the boss ! And why not schedule a time to talk about social media with them.

Summer time is social time 

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